mercredi 28 septembre 2016

My name is Yahya Benchekroun a rising student at Detroit school . I consider myself a product of three cultures: Arab/Muslim from my upbringing in Morocco was and especially raised in the beautiful city of Tangier, French from my studies at a French school in Morocco, and European because I was born in Madrid and because of my frequent visit to Spain, a thirty minute ferry ride from my hometown .In my free time, I almost probably hanging out with friends, listening to music, dancing, singing, watching soccer, arguing about something, or watching a movie.

What I like the most about my country and makes me proud is the miraculous event "the green March". In fact the green march is a peaceful march where Moroccans succed in getting back the Moroccan Sahara from the Spanish occupation. The march started from Terfaya the 6th November and the number of Moroccans who participated was 350000 citizens. The king decided that there will be no weapons in the march and those men and women will carry just the Qoran and the Moroccan flag to confirm that this march was peaceful. After the march penetrated for a distance of 15 km inside the Moroccan Sahara, contacts and negotiations began between the Spanish occupation and the kingdom of Morocco. In the 9 of November the king Hassan 2 announced that the march achieved their desired objectives. The purpose behind telling this story is change young people's thoughts about themselves and to be more confident, and if anyone thinks that he can't achieve his or her dream because it is impossible just remind this story and you'll see that everything is possible . As the famous proverb says "if you want it you can do it"