mardi 15 novembre 2016

                                                       My opinion about music ; 

Hello again , today i'll talk with you about my passion for music . So , i grew up listening to different kinds of music as french rap, hip hop, R&B and many others kind . But the one that i prefer the most is french rap . I actually used to like it in my middle school years, before I had any interest in music . I think it's more a form of poetry than a genre of music . Some people think that rap is offensive to women but there are also some differents artists who express their feelings in different way . Not all the rappers talk about the same subject, use the same language or look at the things in the same way . I actually appreciate some rap songs not for the music or artistic part of them , but for the lyrics and the overall mood. I used to like PNL songs wich are a french rap music from a french rapper . The themes that this duo (PNL) adresses are often the solidarity of the family as well as the spirit of the group, like the music "QLF" wich is an abreviation of " que la famille " that means in english "only family " . I used to play the flute in my eleven years old but now I don't play any instrument i just prefer feel deep while i'm listning to music .